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Best known at one time known as MISC (or a few tubes on Sender Klang), Hannes Wenner and Christopher Blackmann are part of the survivors of the great era of electro-tech which is often forgotten in Berlin together with the labels that led to that trend.

Now more often referred to as another pseudonym these producers from Cologne have come to be known as NIEDERFLUR.

Created in the early 2000s, the project is very specific: the concept has been inspired by the movements of the underground city of Cologne (the title of the tracks generally refer to their stations) created specially to be published for multinational label, Minus.

Subdivision of the team of Richie Hawtin, Niederflur is a field of experimentation that is perfect for the duo. Open to other options and structures as well (an EP on Archipel refuge iconoclastic projects, one on Little Helpers, factory quality tools), they set up their own label called Niederflur tracks to host their very good album “Bipolar” released last year.

Managing to make a groove too often caricatured and reduced to abstractions devoid of interest, the duo prove once again that we can destroy a dancefloor and have people dancing on tables without samples of Spanish guitars.

This podcast is a reflection of their diverse identities: varied, elegant and crude.




Aggrovators – None Shall Escape Dub – Rasta Dub ’76
Dub Specialist – Guiding Star – Better Dub from Studio One
Rolando Alphonso – Arena Special – 12″
Soul Vendors – Arena Special Version – 12″
Barrington Levy – Shaolin Temple Dub – Barrington Levy in Dub
Derrick Harriott – Black Bullet – Riding the Roots Chariot
The Upsetters – Upsetting Rhythm #1 – Blackboard Jungle Dub (auralux)
The Aggrovators – My Angel of Dub – Reggae Stones Dub
Cannon & The Soul Vendors – Bad Treatment -Rock Steady Coxsone Style
Phase Selector Sound – Jackson Park – Disassemble Dub
Mildtape – Extent of the Foot – Dub Alpina
The Simeons – Jah Rastafari – Dub Conference In London
Prince Lincoln & The Royal Rasses – Universally Dubbed
Subma Chena – Ten Ton Dub – TBD
Sonde – Digital Sun – Dubwars
Jazzsteppa – Gun Crime – Jazzsteppa
Dubphonic – All You Weed is Love – Relight
The Simeons – Second Sight – Dub Conference In London
Scientist & Prince Jammy – Vulcan – Dub Landing Volume 1

“Elemental Theory Artist of the Week” Aurélien (DoubtingThomas) first started his musical journey in 1998 after a childhood obsession with drums and their rythmatic allure. Producing down tempo and electronic sounds led to a rapid progression into live recordings and soundscaping which lured him away from France and into London in 2000. Here he studied Sound Engineering at the acclaimed SAE and continued his ever growing passion for composition always in the look for rare music with a twist.

Years of record collecting, playing and collaborating around Europe have seen him find his own original and defined sound, influences of which we undoubtedly see stream their way throughout his production and live sets today. We also see him working for the established Juno Records as well producing for commercial advertising. His down tempo, minimal house and quirky techno always look for the patterns and structure of the inner sound. Sequences within the sound, reaction of the mind and body as well as the interaction of images across the music….these are the ideas behind Aurelien’s music.

Continuing with the SpaceTribe mixtape series, the deeper and darker side of dubstep.


Kryptic Minds – Organic
Kryptic Minds – One Of Us
Jack Sparrow – Way Out West
Cyrus – Manhatten Blues
Faib – Ticking Clocks
My Nu Leng – Leave It
Kryptic Minds – Generation Dub
F – Chillin
Headhunter – Hocus Pocus
L-OW – Rasta From Alaska VIP


1 – Mike Parker – FWD – Donato Dozzy RMX
2 – Monoaxial aka Quantec & Sowing – Axial Thinking
3 – Phil Kieran – Empty Vessels – Gary Beck remix Tool 1
4 – Evirgen – Totem 1
5 – The Advent, Hugo Paixao & Jason Fernandes – Creed – Mark Morris Remix
6 – Mark Broom & James Ruskin – Erotic Misery
7 – Greg Grajek – Bombing Rights – Angel Alanis Remix
8 – Tony Rohr – Oddrangement
9 – Agaric – Run (Ostern Jam)
10 – Roberto – Milf and Cookies
11- Act. Sense, Stupp – Weird Bells (Original Mix)
12 – Terence Fixmer – Breathless
13 – Brian Sanhaj – Ratio
14 – Brian Sanhaj – 2000WATT

We are kids without radio. The record label is DIY to the bones. We believe in creating new music, pushing the envelope of experimentation with electronics. We believe in the power of evolving music and the influence that has on the future. Simply put we don’t care about the radio, we make music for the future of music. Kid Without Radio is a label founded in 2007. The artists on the label generally play all of the their own instruments, and perform it in an interesting way using live electronics not just laptops.

Pointbender is new to us, although he’s been around for sometime as part of the combo Grey. Introduced to us by David Collado of Musical Missionary, the Austin based producer makes some of the most amazing tracks we’ve heard in some time. He’s got quite a techy background and it shows in his productions. In addition, he runs the on-point Harmonious Discord label and a bi-monthly internet radio show called Discordian Dreaming. We’re excited that he took the time to drop an exclusive mix for The CONDUIT series. – Sean-Michael Yoder


1. Maya Jane Coles – Dont Tell ME [Realtone]
2. Male Madame – Variation (Noah Pred Mix) [Fade Records]
3. Molecule – Recordar a los Muertos [Harmonious Discord]
4. Greenville Massive – Lost [Soul Sheep Music]
5. Youandewan – The Blue Room [Minimal People]
6. Maceo Plex- Your Style [Crosstown Rebels]
7. Spirit Catcher – Sedona [Systematic]
8. Russo – Fuck My MPC [Full Bar Digital]
9. Jeff Bennet – Never Forget [Thoughtless]
10. Molecule – All Things Go in Cycles [Harmonious Discord/Dub Research]


You know it can’t get anymore exclusive when you get a podcast from one of the most adventurous and expansive producers on the planet: Luke Vibert. Ultimately one of the most prolific and elaborate auteurs of the electronic world, Vibert has created tracks that delve between the worlds of jazz, funk, disco, hip-hop and tweak-crazy acid house. Always appreciative of his influences and a sterling sample-picker, Luke Vibert and his many alter-egos have one thing in common: their love for the entire notion of what makes a tune whole. From the drum patterns, to the synth, tweaks and finally the layering of samples, Vibert is truly one of the more remarkable producers of our time. While listening to this fantasticly eclectic mix, pick up his new record under his Wagon Christ guise, called Toomorrow out now on Ninja Tune.


1. Glass Domain – Hiccups
2. Most Wanted – Calm Down
3. Dynamix II – Purple Beats
4. Doug E Fresh – Nuthin’
5. Original Concept – Knowledge Me
6. Tripple B Co. feat. General Jo And The Intergalactic Empire – The Base Rock
7. Raw From China – The Omen
8. Ceephax – Boppa Dago
9. John Eaton & His Syn-Ket – Bone Dry
10.Ralph Carmichael – Switchblade Theme
11.Meat Beat Manifesto – Electro The Robot [DHS Remix]
12.Intelligent Hoodlum – Arrest The President
13.John Murtaugh – Slinky
14.The Mover – Rat-Trap
15.Sky Joose – Tales Of Darkness
16.Dubtronix – Promise Land
17.Jean-Jacques Perrey et Gilbert Sigrist – Le Fugitif
18.Michal Urbaniak – Paratyphus B

Recorded live at Tronix Club, Bielefeld, Germany. Miss Sunshine serves up some no-nonsense, peak time techno for your enjoyment. Many up and coming releases here including both her own original version and Miro Pajic’s remix of La Locura. La Locura is due out very soon on FVF and also includes a Tim Xavier remix of Look Sharp. Sunshine has been working closely with FVF of late; remixing for Rebekah on the Voices EP and joining the label for their residency, DIP, in London last month. Plenty more to come from this talented artist and DJ.

The dynamic duo known as Fused Forces have a gift for you! From Essex, UK, these two combine their powers to produce dubstep, grime, and hiphop, and have been doing so for the past 6 years. In this exclusive mix – opening with it’s beautiful and melodic ease – surely the deep bass starts to takeover. Dark and heavy, bouncy and futuristic, it’s one for the listening! Sit back and let the wobbles relax your mind.


1. B-LAM – Synchronicity & Raw [0:00]
2. Cyrus – Alone [2:02]
3. Kromestar – Grey Thought [4:17]
4. Fused Forces & S-Dot – Purification [6:59]
5. Duskdown – Late Night 1990 (Dub Mechanics Remix) [9:15]
6. Phaeleh – Fuzzbox [11:03]
7. Haze – Showdown [13:18]
8. Catacombs – Warsaw (Fused Forces Remix) [15:33]
9. J-Kenzo – Nocturnal Feelings [17:49]
10. Goli & Ashburner – Beasts [19:36]
11. K1 – Who U Hang With [21:25]
12. Fused Forces – The Crypt [23:13]
13. D-Cult – Drunken Master [25:28]
14. Biome – Flesh [27:43]
15. Shredexx – Knock Knock [29:32]
16. Fused Forces – Street Level [31:47]
17. Kromestar – Sweet Nightmares [33:35]
18. Fused Forces – Dummy Round [35:50]
19. Shredexx – Silence [37:38]
20. Haze – Feel Me [40:07]
21. Fused Forces – Roach Material [42:22]
22. Catacombs – The World Is Yours [45:04]
23. Side-Projekt – Lift Dub (Fused Forces Remix) [46:52]
24. Yoof – Prophecy [49:08]