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This morning’s FACT mix is a masterful session from a revitalised Paul Woolford, one of British house music’s most prolific figures.

Known for his work with labels like 20:20 Vision and his own Intimacy imprint, Woolford’s been a part of house music’s furniture for the best part of a decade, down in no short part to his residency at Ibiza’s We Love Space and his inescapable cyber-Funky anthem ‘Erotic Discourse’, released in 2005 under the name Bobby Peru.

2011 however, has seen Woolford reinvigorated, producing some of his best work to date for singles on Phonica and Carl Craig’s Planet E label, and making links with more contemporary UK artists like Appleblim and Altered Natives.

His FACT mix was made shortly after coming off tour with Carl Craig, and it’s no surprise to find it inhabits the middle-ground between established and up-front house fare, with Space Dimension Controller, Objekt and Pearson Sound facing off with Theo Parrish, Scott Grooves and Mike Dehnert. Naturally, there’s also some exclusives: an unreleased Kassem Mosse and MixMup remix of Woolford’s own ‘Deflowered’, and some intriguing anonymous business for Hotflush.

(Available for three weeks)

1. Shifted ‘AVION001B1′ (Shifted)
2. Theo Parrish ‘Soul Control’ (Sound Signature)
3. Space Dimension Controller ‘Cosmo30′
4. Paul Woolford ‘Deflowered’ Kassem Mosse & MixMup Remix (forthcoming Phonica)
5. Italo Johnson ‘Orange A1′ (Italo Johnson)
6. EQ’D #4 ‘B1′ (EQ’D)
7. Mike Dehnert ‘Dico’ (Fachwerk)
8. Scott Grooves ‘White Label Of The Month#1 side A’ (SC)
9. Skudge ‘Realtime’ (Skudge)
10 Bernard Badie ‘Time Reveals’ accapella (Mojuba)
11. Paul Woolford ‘Razor Burn’ (Planet E)
12. 2562 ‘Rear Window (Shattered)’ (Delsin)
13. Mr James Barth ‘Holliday’ (Lekebusch)
14. Mike Dehnert & Roman Lindau ‘Meck’ (Fachwerk)
15. ??? ‘Stolen (Dub)’ (forthcoming Hotflush)
16. Endian ‘Birdhouse’ (forthcoming Nonplus)
17. Pearson Sound ‘Project’
18. Objekt ‘CLK Recovery’ (Objekt)
19. Egyptian Lover ‘Planet E’
20. T. Williams ‘Heartbeat’ Paul Woolford Rewurq



This week on Kongkast, we bring you an exciting new producer/DJ – ANILE (Temah , Renegade Hardware, DSM / UK).

Anile has been producing for little over 3 years, styles of tracks differ which shows versatility and maturity within the studio, from Ambient tracks like ‘Lessons To Become’ and ‘Never Together’ and harder tracks like ‘Orthodox’ & ‘Glass of Greed’.

Playing gigs all over Europe and further, Anile has pushed his sound internationally, with mass recognition through out the world, with exceptional releases under drum n Bass’s finest labels.
In 2011, Anile was asked to join the fresh sound of TEMAH, bringing his sound to an all ready diverse and talented group of producers and Mc’s.

Many thanks to ANILE for this exclusive mix, exclusive to Kongkretebass Kongkast!


1. Atom – Dolly (Lynx remix) (Sonorous Dub)
2. Dakosa – Eleven (Amoss remix) (Dub)
3. Kodo – The Jackal (Dub)
4. Hybris – Liar (Revoultion Dub)
5. Krakota and Judda – Sooty (Integral Dub)
6. Unknown Error – Knight Time (NickBee remix) (UED Dub)
7. Heavy 1 – Xiphactinus (Demand Dub)
8. Anile – Untitled (Dub)
9. ASC – Brainscan (Samurai Dub)
10. Nymfo – Recollection (Dispatch Dub)
11. Lenzman feat . JoS – Fade Away (Soul:R)
12. Code 3 – Living Proof (Exit Records)
13. Fathom – Inject The Formula (Dutty Audio Dub)
14. Amoss and Dabs – Stendhal (Dispatch Dub)
15. Anile and Dakosa – Code Of Conduct (Inneractive Dub)
16. Uneven – Racquete (Dub)
17. June Miller – Give Up The Ghost (Horizons Dub)
18. Anile – Lessons To Become (Phunkfiction)
19. Marcus Intalex Feat SPY – Celestial Navigation (Soul:R)


While Glasgow native Vince Watson makes the epic 32 hour journey from his freezing home in Amsterdam to a much warmer part of the world, for his nation wide tour of Australia, we thought it only fitting to give you an insight into his live set up, his new album, and what we can all be expecting over the next few weeks! He also mixes up the latest episode of the Deepcast with a stunning DJ mix, proving he’s just as talented behind those decks as he is programming his 808′s and 909′s!


Vince Watson – Love in F Minor (Intro Mix) // Everysoul
Manual Tur – Vabanque (Stimming Rmx) // Freerange
Model 500 – Huesca // R&S
Bassfort – Dixtrit (Jimpster Rmx) // Freerange
Spencer Parker – The Beginning (Michael Cleis Rmx) // Buzzin Fly
Toni Lionni – Waiting for You // Freerange
Omar S – Psychotic Photosynthesis // FXHE
Child – Tales of the Ancient Smoke (Vince Watson Rmx) // Promo
Joel Mull – Red Light at Dawn (SLS Melody Rmx) // Audiomatique
Psycatron – It is What it is // R&S
Future Beat Alliance – Machines Can Help // Tresor
Dirty Doering – Loco (Vince Watson Rmx) // Damage
Vince Watson – Evolution // Tresor Promo


Ryba (Kate Lyasheva) has started her carrier in 1995 as a professional dancer and was part of the teenage rock-band as a lead singer.

In 2000 she became one of the founders of «Back Up » Advertising Production agency specializing in event organization and promotion.

During five years of work at the agency «Back up» organized and conducted numerous successful projects like Concerts, Music Conferences , Festivals and Events dedicated to electronic music.

Having passion for music all her life and working in the Event production industry Ryba was looking for some kind of output of her own ideas and concepts Next logical step was to perform and Katya started to Dj. Immediately gaining popularity and attention from public and Moscow clubheads . Katya started to tour in Russia, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Latvia and US in 2009 where she performed at famous Amoeba record store in Hollywood. Her sets are carefully crafted with intelligent layer of electronic dance music ,Dub,Techno,House and everything in between.

During this time Katya collaborated with world famous Russian duo SCSI-9 (Kompakt, Pro–Tez) recording artists. She recorded several songs with the Duo and provided vocals on the album by Scsi-9 «Line Of Nine» which came out on Kompakt in 2006. Katya and Scsi-9 toured together for some time as a part of Scsi-9 live act. Which led to her another appearance on the forthcoming «Easy as Down» album by Scis-9 released on Kompakt in 2008.Also at the same time she hoked up with Yapacc for a «White Blue Fire» on German Nuetonmusic Label.

Another project was born in 2008 called «RYBALOVE» as result of long time friendship with talented musician out of Saint Petersburg-Korablove. Performing live together their shows are filled with energy and amazing groove. Their releases found way to Kgb Beats out of Chicago, Night Drive music and others .

Finally in 2009 Katya started her own project D:redmoon (artist of Electronica label).

You can see her play on Internet radio station RTS.FM on regular basis and in leading clubs in Moscow and Berlin.


Los Angeles born and bred, Vangelis and Vidal Vargas were raised in the ’80s on a steady diet of Latin freestyle, electro, and new wave that pervaded their urban
environment. Their father also exposed them to cutting edge progressive acts Vangelis, Tangerine Dream and Kraftwerk, planting early seeds for aural exploration.

By the mid ’90s they were sampling LA’s underground club scene and heavily researching electronic music’s roots. After years of influence they began to express their musical vision through their own recordings and performances. Vidal and Vangelis eventually found common ground with producer / performer Drumcell, and in 2002 they formed the Droid Behavior event production group and record label out of frustration with the city’s lack of knowledge, acceptance, and understanding for Midwest-bred techno and house music and their European counterparts.

As producers Vangelis and Vidal have released and licensed original music and remixes under various aliases (most notably Acid Circus and Raíz) on the Droid Recordings imprint as well as respected labels Historia y Violencia, Tora Tora Tora, DJMag, Music Man, Resident Advisor, Enemy Rec, Gynoid, Reloading, Micro.Fon and Timefog.

Their music has been charted, played and supported by Speedy J, Chris Liebing, Marcel Dettmann, Ben Klock, DVS1, Levon Vincent, Jonas Kopp, etc. Their intense and inspiring performances have placed them alongside major players Jeff Mills, Richie Hawtin, Derrick May, Dan Bell, Surgeon, Sandwell District, Robag, Paco Osuna, Pan Pot, Marco Carola, Detroit Grand Pubahs, and Ostgut residents at undergrounds, festivals, after hours, and club nights all over the Americas, and Europe including Berghain in Berlin.

The members or Raiz not only produce for Droid recordings but also help manage the label as well over see all event production, bookings, the droid podcast, and blog site.

01. Raíz – Keep Secrets intro
02. Raíz – Valk<—–released this season
03. Raíz – untitled
04. Developer – Centuria
05. Raíz – untitled
06. DJ Misjah – The After world
07. Truncate – Focus (Raíz remix)<—–released this season
08. Advanced Human – Air (Raíz Remix)<—–released this season
09. Raíz – untitled
10. Raíz – untitled
11. Truncate – Focus Dub
12. Truncate – Focus
13. Raíz – untitled
14. Marcel Dettmann – Let's Do It
15. Raíz – untitled
16. Wicked Wipe – Rok Da House (Ian Pooley Mix)
17. Raíz – Tool
18. Raíz – Been Caught
19. Raíz – untitled
20. Mark Morris – Kata (Raíz remix)
21. Jonas Kopp – Alkitran
22. Rok + Jonzon – Slap Whack Thump
23. Anthony Shakir – The Floorfiller (Skudge remix)
24. Raíz – untitled
25. Truncate – 15


Simona Faraone and Dj Wormhole are The Oorts Asteroids , a new musical project inspired by space culture in music and cinema, part of experimental performance audio visual called “Daisy Bell” contained in “Sidereus Nuncius” , project by Cristina Ferri idea maker of BotteghEventi Agency.

Dj Wormhole

Wormhole is the bass alterego of dj Tosco, he plays house, techno, dubstep and bassmusic.
Resident at Bart in Bologna he had spinned records in Link, Covo, Scalo San Donato, Arteria and in a lot of Street Rave Parade.
He’s a part of Basement Universe Production, Solid Crew, and Oort Asteroids.
Every saturday he plays music in DubVersion a radio show with Cixxj and Elle Solo.
His style of music is called Minimal Soul by the underground people.

Simona Faraone is one of the first female djs of the underground scene in Italy and Europe, respected as refined artist in the vanguard.
She plays electronic music with eclectic taste since 1987 and her style follows the Detroit techno scene and its mythical artists, the collective of Underground Resistance, Juan Atkins, Jeff Mills, Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, Carl Craig, Robert Hood…
She saws every house music movement in Italy ,acid house, techno, progressive etc, since the beginning, taking part as one of the protagonists: the early Rave scene in Rome, the progressive Tuscany scene and the experimental scene in Veneto.
Her first release “Glass Pyramid” ( Dj’s United Grooves)and the following “Hieroglyphic project” for the Italian independent label Tomawak/Sushi records (1995) are considered one of the best productions in the electronic/techno scene in the nineties.
She has spinned records in the best club in Italy : Tenax (FI), Yab (FI), Meccanò (FI), Central Park (FI), MusiKò (Jesolo), Gilda (Jesolo),Red Zone (Perugia), Glamour (Treviso),TNT (L. di Portogruaro VE), Night Day (Noale), Teatriz (Lugo di Ravenna), Cellophane (Rimini), Gheodrome (S.Mauro Mare), Pascià (Riccione), Metropolis (Lecce), Bellabimba Fuori Orario (GR), Babylon Fuori Orario (itinerante Toscana/Emilia Romagna), Gatto e La Volpe (FE), Palaexpomar (VE) Blueroom Lab (Roma), Fiesta Privada (Roma), Viper Theatre – Progetto 33 (Firenze); Loop Lab (Ibiza); Space Electronic (FI); Good morning FEM @ Costes (FI); Doc Show (Bologna).

At present she still plays vinyl records, she’s an old school dj in constant experimentation . His favourite artist is Jeff Mills.



Intro: Jeff Mills – Every dog has its day Vol. 4 – D 3
1 – Global Communication – Maiden Voyage
2 – Dosi3burg – Sinai Hypnosis
3 – Jeff Mills – Every dog has its day Vol. 4 – D 1
4 – Jeff Mills – The Beatmaster: The Rhythm within
5 – Night Communication E.P. – African night life
6 – System 7 – Big Sky City
7 – Acid Jesus – Turkey Shank
8 – Pablo Bolivar – Dynamo (Iron Curtis rmx)
9 – Swayzak – Rons Connecticut Dub
10 – The Secret Initiative
11 – Conforce – Rare Education
12 – Vince Watson – Flux
13 – Drexciya – Depressurization
14 – The True Underground Sound of Rome – Gladiators


15 – Cooly G – Dis boy part 4
16 – Rick Whilite – City Bar Dancing ( feat. Billy Love – Basement mix)
17 – Droid 0108
18 – Moody – Freeki Mutha F cker
19 – The Mole – We want castles ( feat. Valerie Temple Boyd)
20 – Scratcha DVA – Step 2 Funk
21 – Altered Natives – Bodygal
22 – Art Bleek – Clap your hands (Trevor lovely’s supplied artwork dub)
23 – Armando – Don’t take it
24 – Photek – Mine to give
25 – Levon Vincent – Double jointed sex freack – Part 2
26 – Ferrer and Sydenham – Timbuktu (Pan african electro beats – Vol. 6)
27 – Wuf Ticket – The Key (dub)



Grey Music Project (or more commonly known as just Grey) is no stranger to the Harmonious Discord imprint; nor are they to the electronic music landscape with a 10 year discography on musical outlets like Guidance, Fair Park, and Blunted Funk. Grey was the fuel the fired the creation of Harmonious Discord and included two of the labels founders Sean Anderson and Eric Reeves. In the early 2000’s Eric and Sean would travel between Houston and Dallas to vanish inside a studio and cram as much creative writing into a single weekend as possible. After a brief hiatus, the last 4 years they have shifted focus on their solo projects; Sean’s “PointBender” project brought a new edgy techno sound to his already stable house foundation and Eric’s “Litex” moniker is a solid outlet for bass driven dance gems.

Forgotten Frequencies is a collection of tunes from the vault that were slated for many years for vinyl release and because of shifts in technologies never saw the light of day. We felt we couldn’t keep these tunes a secret any longer and are excited about their new home on Harmonious Discord.


A few days late on my part, but still a dope mix none the less. Coming as JLD #111 we’ve got Scribble hailing from Halifax N.S., birthplace of JLD. Scribble wasn’t around back when I was living in Halifax, so I don’t have much information about her but I do know she’s been promoting and spinning shows in Halifax for a little bit now. So I’ve gotta give her props. Great track selection in this mix, definitely no lack of bass.

Enjoy the mix, and see you guys soon again for JLD San Francisco #3.

1. Kryptic Minds – One Of Us
2. Kryptic Minds feat. Alys Be – Can’t Sleep
3. Massive Attack – Paradise Circus (Breakage’s Tight Rope Remix)
4. L-Ow – Lost Valley [Eesti Dubstep]
5. The Others – Bushido
6. Synkro – Tell Me
7. Synkro – Angels
8. King Soly – Tamil Dub
9. Reso – Namida
10. Kryptic Minds – Six Degrees
11. Headhunter – Drop The Waste
12. Kryptic Minds – Wasteland
13. Von D feat. Phe Phe – Show Me

Pre-order of Rainforest Reverberation including immediate download of 3 tracks in your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC, or other formats. A link to the complete album will be emailed to you the moment it’s released.

100% of the proceeds from all music sales go to end deforestation, species loss, and cultural upheaval in the Amazon. Visit to learn more about where “Rainforest Reverberation” contributions go.

1. Becoming The Seed (Ft. Eve Ladyapples) 03:20
2. 667 (Kayla Scintilla Remix) 05:20
3. Emerald Epiphytes 07:22
4. Thunder Song
5. Emerald Epiphytes (KiloWatts Rattlefunk Remix)
6. 667
7. Inner Space Funk (Ft. Katrina Blackstone)
8. Unidentified Flying Octopus (Mr. Bill Remix)
9. Mycorrhiza Mambo
10. Unidentified Flying Octopus
11. Mama Llama Maestro
12. Avatar of The Horticult
13. Becoming The Ancestor (Ft. Eve Ladyapples)

Bluetech’s “Rainforest Reverberations” is a very special edition to a long line of extraordinary Downtempo releases. This full-length continuously mixed album is more than incredible music, it is an invitation to celebrate and help protect the life supporting biodiversity of the Amazon Rainforest, which constitutes the lungs of our planet. By purchasing the album you are engaging in one of the most effective ways to combat global warming and support social justice for indigenous caretakers of these lands, as well as entering into a 70 minute continuous audio journey.

Furthermore, your contribution marks the beginning of a journey, which will eventually result in a historic, multi-cultural collaboration, involving Bluetech and indigenous Amazonian musicians from a network of small villages in Ecuador.

So pre-order today, contribute to a healthier planet, and join Bluetech, Critical Beats, and indigenous Amazonian musicians in creating a cross-cultural call to action that uses music to inspire real change.

For more information visit and stay tuned for regular updates and future releases.