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Remember DJ Trace? An artist we featured as the “Elemental Theory Artist of the Week” not too long ago who was instrumental in the pioneering of the jungle/d&b scene. He’s releasing a 3 hour late summer mix of the deep house/techno variety, mighty tasty!



Alright, let’s start off the week with our second helping from New Zealand’s head chief behind Bassweight Recordings, Olie Bassweight. Bringing tons, and i mean tons of bass as per usual Olie style, this mix contains plenty of forthcoming gems that you might want to keep track of. If you dig this, then slip on over to his previous mix for another great journey in bass – JLD #55. BIG MIX!


Olie Bassweight & Perverse – Shaded [Forthcoming Bassweight recs]
Perverse – Shaitan [Forthcoming Bassweight recs]
Olie Bassweight – Triton [Forthcoming Section 8 Recs]
Perverse – Mizrahi [Forthcoming Requiem Audio]
Olie Bassweight & Dubtek – Tangled Blue Eyes (VIP) [Forthcoming Bassweight / Convoy unltd]
Olie Bassweight – Paradigm Shift [Forthcoming Bassweight / Convoy unltd]
Olie Bassweight & Organikismness – Common Ground [??????????]
Perverse – Glacier [Forthcoming Bassweight recs]
Dj Madd – Dubmarine (Kryptic Minds Remix) [Blackbox]
Critic – Synesthesia [Eight:fx]
Riskoteque & Triage – Jane [Forthcoming Hollowpoint]
Olie Bassweight, Triage & Mc Kryptic – Heavyweight [Forthcoming Bassweight / Convoy unltd]
Triage – Nebula [Forthcoming Hollowpoint]
Chewie – Survival [Forthcomng Paradise Lost]
High rankin – Flowers on your rave [Suicide Dub]
Dubtek, Droid Sector & chewie – Get Loose [Forthcomng Vicious Audio]
Olie Bassweight – The Void [Gamma Audio/Section 8]
Olie Bassweight – Survival [Forthcoming Bassweight / Convoy unltd]

Mix for September is a bit of a moody affair with some UK Bassy Houseness and some heads down deep techno….lots of people im bang into at the mo like George Fitzgerald and Skudge…also finished with my Julio Bashmore Re Rub – can’t say fairer than that!

Structures Radio show recorded live for on 09-20-11 from The Galleria area in Houston, TX

This week’s “Elemental Theory Artist of the Week” is Lola also known as Dakini9. Lola has been DJing and collecting music for well over ten years. She founded the party DEEP SEE which ran weekly for nearly ten years in NYC, and over the years she has had the honor of playing with some of the deepest DJs around, including Mike Huckaby, Keith Worthy, Patrice Scott, Daz I Kue, Alton Miller, and many others. In 2008, she joined up with DJ Spider to run Plan B Recordings. Building Plan B Recordings, working on her own productions and remixes, teaching yoga, and exploring her various metaphysical interests is what keeps Lola inspired and energized. In 2009, she began producing under the moniker Dakini9. She released her debut EP on Plan B Recordings “Dust & Memories” in summer of 2010 and is currently working on several remixes and her debut vinyl EP. Today she can be found playing in NYC as well as other places at events like Supreme Scyence, here is a bit of her set from that night, enjoy!

LWE Podcast 99: Juan Atkins


Forming part of the very bedrock of techno, Juan Atkins’ influence on the past thirty years of electronic music is truly immeasurable. His first musical venture, Cybotron, with Rick Davis birthed such classics as “Alleys of your Mind,” “Cosmic Cars” and “Clear,” records which laid the foundations for what would become Detroit techno. On his own as Model 500, Atkins surged forward with his particular vision of electro and techno, releasing further classics in “No UFO’s,” “Night Drive” and “Starlight” among others. Together with Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson the three were responsible not just for a dazzling array of records, labels and aliases, but for creating a movement, a culture, part of music history. There is not much to say that hasn’t already been said about these pioneers of techno, so instead LWE tracked down Atkins to talk about new Model 500 material, some of his early influences and the music that he created that has come to define electronic music. He also provided us with our exclusive 99th podcast, which shows that after thirty years he’s still a vital part of the scene he helped to create.

LWE Podcast 99: Juan Atkins (62:53)


01. Wehbba, “The Speech” (Samuel L. Session Remix) [Tronic]
02. Trevor Loveys, “Stay In Love” [Jack Union Records]
03. Lee Burridge, “Here’s Johnny” [Leftroom]
04. Smash TV, “World Wide Wet” [Leena Music]
05. John Selway, “Interplanetary Express” [Tronic]
06. Derek Plaslaiko, “Raw Jam” (Jonas Kopp Remix) [Perc Trax]
07. Room 10, “RM07.1″ (Pattrix Phiorio Remix) [Retrometro]
08. Marco Effe, “Zenheiser” [Break New Soil]
09. Carl Craig, “DJ-Kicks (The Track)” [Studio !K7]
10. Shlomi Aber, “Tap Order” [Ovum Recordings]
11. Internullo, “Taifas” (Alex Celler Dub) [Yellow Tail]
12. Shlomi Aber & DJ Sneak, “After Touch” (DJ Sneak Version) [Be As One]
13. Solid Gold Playaz, “Next Faze Of The Game” [Real Estate Records]
14. Skeet, “Come Back Raw” [Monaberry]

Bulb – Into the deep 014

Hello, boys and girls! Here is the 014 issue of minimal, deep dnb and 170bpm-based electronica podcast – Into the deep. I decided not to make it longer for now, so hope you enjoy! Take care and stay tuned.

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01. Crimean – Snowflakes [dub]
02. Juxtaposes – Sightlines [dub]
03. Kharm – Evergreen [dub]
04. Godfather Sage & Phil Rigatuso & First Aid – Red Her [dub]
05. Es.tereo – Between Time [dub]
06. ASC – Sunburst [free]
07. Ohpleasedon’t & First Aid – Is It You? [dub]
08. Bulb – Buried Future [Silk dub]
09. Parhelia – She Is Made Of Flowers [Absys dub]
10. Nuage – Between Trees [Interactive dub]
11. Derrick & Tonika – Follow The Strars [Fokuz dub]
12. Cain Mos – Tempel [Icarus Audio dub]
13. Clarity & Ed:it – Sector [dub]
14. Getz & Displaced Paranormals – Astral Projection [dub]
15. Sam KDC & Nuage – Your Voice Is Fleeting [Absys dub]
16. Future Engineers – Ellipse (Lm1 Remix) [Absys dub]
17. Displaced Paranormals – City Of Gods [Absys dub]
18. Logarithmia – Quinta Essentia [dub]
19. Venture – Her Eyes Shine, Like Stars On A Winter’s Night (feat. Holly Prothman) [free]
20. CJ Weaver – Tarsier [dub]
21. Muon & Ivax – Shaped Summer WIP [dub]

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You thought Kraftwerk was cool? Tangerine Dream is too! Loose Link Compacts made a special artist only mixtape of only Tangerine Dream music! Beautiful ambient, electronic music & krautrock! ‘Tangerine Dream’! Invisible limits!

Includes tracks (all by Tangerine Dream):
Force Majeure
Phaedra / Sequent C
Invisible Limits
Nebulous Dawn
Chronzon (+Remix)
Ayumi’s Butterflies
Zen Garden
Love On A Real Train
Lily On The Beach (Zeo Remix)
Dolphin Dance
Above The Great Dry Land
21st Century Con Man (Aaron Mcphee Remix)
The Moondog Connection
Virtual Fields
Lady Greengrass
Plus many others!

DJ MEHDI “Loukoums”

back in 2006, Dj Mehdi’s hommage to Dilla
we did something like 200 promo CDs fro friends
I think it’s time for this music to be shared and enjoyed by all of us
I still can’t believe what’s happening, so I press play and I listen to my best friend’s music.

non-produced and un-mixed by Dj Mehdi, NSI.
Jay Dee rest in peace

Based on the DONUTS album concept, these are demos, out-takes and unreleased gems from various records I worked on before and during the making of LUCKY BOY, my next album.
Stuff comes from MEGALOPOLIS, 113 DEGRES and SHEITAN soundtrack mainly, but some is older too.
Hope you enjoy these rough mixes and un-polished sounds, as I pay hommage to “one of the greatest minds to ever make beats” :
Mr James Yancey, better known as JAY DEE, also know as DILLA.