This week’s “Elemental Theory Artist of the Week” is Miss Sunshine. Miss Sunshine unifies perceptions of open minded people in her graceful sense for sounds and minimal tones, strengthened with solid tech grooves and the love of challenging music without boundaries. People’s response to the music, their peculiar lives, and exceptional party scenes have inspired Sunshine throughout her time as a DJ and has kept her hooked on the point of it: fostering original sounds and mixing music that mesmerizes audiences on the dance floor every time she performs, even though every so often her sets leads to the darkest and deepest corners of electronic music. Here is a live recording of Miss Sunshine from the Kopfmusik stage at Ruhr at the Love Festival 2011 in Germany!

01. Oni Ayhun – OAR001-B – Oni Ayhun rec
02. Maetrik – Innovation Fascination (Attemporal Change Remix) – TicTacToe
03. Volster – Will i ever learn (Utek Remix) – Fach
04. O/V/R – Post Traumatic Son (Ben Klock Vibe Mix) – Blueprint
05. Thomas Ploch – Curveball (Miss Sunshine rmx) – Sugnaletic
06. Attemporal & D.Carbone – Att1.2 – Att
07. Developer -Edificio – Modularz
08. Volster – Erase myself (Bjorn Spielmann Remix) – Fach
09. Miss Sunshine – Hooked on You – Monocline
10. Miss Sunshine – Look Sharp (Tim Xavier rmx) – FVF
11. Tim Gregor – Move Me (Jonas Kopp Remix) – Microfreak
12. Brendon Mˆller – Mainline (Robag S Relokk Tokk Mikks)
13. Go Hiyama – Postmodern (Lucy Remix) – Perc
14. Mariano DC – Bourbon Of Wizards – Tadeo Remix – Traut
15. Marco Coveillo – PISSofBP (Miss Sunshine rmx) – Kopfmusik
16. Alberto Pascual – Tabacalero Plus – Analitic