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Here’s a mix taken from ABC’s Triple J mix show in Australia that Goldie did in September while on tour. Enjoy!!!

If this site wasn’t named ‘A Strangely Isolated Place’, it would probably be called, “76.14″. Without a doubt, the legends behind one of my favourite ambient/electronic albums of all time, Global Communication are an elusive pair nowadays. I had to pass up on a a rare gig not too long ago at the British Library because it was my girlfriends birthday (priorities eh?!) and these sets from Hayhook make it just that little bit worse – once again reminding me just how talented Tom Middleton and Mark Pritchard are.

From the sublime ambient take on Slowdive, to the balearic Beloved remix and the Jedi Knights jams, these mixes have every corner of Tom and Mark’s epic journey covered.

Thanks to m:cast for originally finding and posting the mixes. You can also get all of Hayhook’s mixes over on Percussion Lab.

Global Communication Remotion Chilled Mix


01: Alpha Phase – Chapterhouse
02: On [Reload Remix] – Aphex Twin
03: Ride [Global Communication Dub Mix] – Soft Ballet
04: In Mind [The Reload 147 Take] – Slowdive
05: Visual Cortex [The Reload Redifinition] – Schaft
06: Gamma Phase – Chapterhouse
07: Amor Real [Global Communication Remix] – Jon Anderson
08: Rollercoaster [Global Communication Yellow Submarine Re-Take] – The Grid
09: Wild Horse [Global Mix Communication] – Nav Katze
10: Beta Phase – Chapterhouse
11: Aspirin [Global Communication Mix] – Sensorama

Global Communication Universal Language Chilled Mix 1


01: 9:39 – Global Communication
02: Sublime Creation – Global Communication
03: Ob-Selon Mi-Nos [Global Communication Mix] – Mystic Institute
04: Amenity [33rpm] – Reload/Link
05: Le Soleil Et La Mer – Reload & E621
06: Arcadian [Global Communication Mix] – Link
07: Maiden Voyage I – Global Communication
08: The Augur – Link
09: Soaring – Reload
10: Peschi [Short Stories Version] – Reload & E621
11: The Biosphere [Global Communication Mix] – Reload & E621
12: Human Blancmange – The Jedi Knights
13: Isolation Part 2 – Pulusha
14: Aural Sedative – Amba

Global Communication Universal Language Chilled Mix 2


01: Aznyte Falls – Amba
02: 4:14 – Global Communication
03: Incidental Harmony – Global Communication
04: 9:25 – Global Communication
05: Delta Phase – Chapterhouse/Global Communication
06: Ehn – Reload & E621
07: The Truth – Jedi Knights
08: Ahn – Reload
09: Bless This [Global Communication Remix] – Jon Anderson
10: Funk In the Fridge – Global Communication
11: Natural High [Global Communication Remix] – Warp 69
12: 6-8 Rhodes – Reload
13: Epsilon Phase – Chapterhouse/Global Communication
14: Isolation (Part 1) – Pulusha
15: Enchanting – Amba


taken from our recent radio show…. Great Mix by Drumcell from Droid Behavior:
Drumcell is the founder of Droid Recordings and co-founder of Droid Behavior along with the Vargas brothers of techno duo Acid Circus. Since the mid Nineties Drumcell has been a firm believer in the power of techno and over the past decade become one of Southern California’s greatest champions.


Track List:

Is Is As or Is As Is – Nic TVG & Indidjinous {Pinecone Moonshine}
Chimera – Indidjinous {Dub}
Therapist – Lowcut {Alphacut}
We Meet Again – Matty G & Indidjinous {Pinecone Moonshine}
From tha Otha Side – Indidjinous {Manifesto Music}
Modern Jungle – Ink & Khanage {Renegade Hardware}
DMT Dn’B – Indidjinous {Manifesto Music}
Dragonfly (Sub Remix) – CJ Weaver {Pinecone Moonshine}
Cancellation Dub – Mixmaster Doc {Driven AM Recordings}
Mount Erebus (Indidjinous Remix) – Flatliners & Mental Forces {Pinecone Moonshine}
After All – FD & Zero T {Invisible}
Reorient – Indidjinous {Pinecone Moonshine}
Degenerated – Indidjinous {Golden Age}
Undertow – CJ Weaver {Dub}
A Cosmic Rip – ASC {Pinecone Moonshine}
Body Weapon (remix) – Anodyne Industries {IDMf NetLabel}
Wave Function (Indidjinous Remix) – Eschaton {Omni Music}

Kelzo – Winter Voices

An Nordic/Balearic/Pacific winter expression, from the Fjords of Norway to the Bays of California..
Special thanks to The Beat Broker, Skatebård, Deadstock 33’s, Stupid Human and Dany Dorado for Promo tracks… Love Ya..! 😉

Tracklisting :
1) Intro : Krautrock, the rebirth of Germany / BBC
2) Neu! : Hallogallo / Neu! (1972)
3) Neu! : Seeland / Neu! ’75 (1975)
4) Manuel Göttsching, Ash Ra Tempel : Echo waves /Inventions For Electric Guitar (1975)
5) Klaus Schulze : Electric love affair / La vie électronique (1974)
6) ibliss : High life / Supernova (1972)
7) Kraftwerk : Ruckzuck : Kraftwerk (1970)
8) Amon Düül II : Wie Der Wind Am Ende Einer Strasse / Wolf city (1972)
9) Can : Aumgn / Tago mago (1971)
10) Michael Bundt : La chasse aux microbes / Just landed cosmic kid (1977)
11) Tangerine Dream : Invisible limits / Stratosfear (1976)
12) Ashra : Deep distance / New age of Earth (1976)
13) Ashra : Ocean of tenderness / New age of Earth (1976)
14) Harmonia : Sehr kosmisch / Musik von Harmonia (1974)
15) EMAK (Elektronische Musik aus Köln) : Filmmusik / EMAK 1 (1982)
16) Excerpt from Interview with Ralf & Florian
17) Kraftwerk : Autobahn / Autobahn (1974)
18) Kraftwerk : Komentenmelodie 1 / Autobahn (1974)
19) Manuel Göttsching : E2 E4 / E2 E4 (1981)
20) Final words on Krautrock…

RA.286 Xhin


Techno meets IDM in Singapore.

While you’d hesitate to give it a name, the type of techno Xhin and Stroboscopic Artefacts have been pushing of late does feel somehow removed from what’s gone before. That could be part of the reason that despite being involved in electronic music since 1997, we felt it appropriate to feature him in our Breaking Through series late last year. Even as recently as last year the Singaporean producer was releasing solid—but in no way ground-breaking—house and techno. And then this happened. While it’s unclear whether recording with a new imprint, Stroboscopic Artefacts, simply gave him a new lease of life, the Fixing The Error / Link EP just felt that much more weighty than previous material. He then followed it up with a string of equally intriguing music for SA and his former stomping ground Meerestief, which has just culminated with Sword, Xhin’s sophomore album that brings his love for classic IDM and ambient triumphantly to the fore.

The sound of Sword informs much of Xhin’s 60 minute mix for us with—as we’ve come to expect from him—some additional WTF moments thrown in for good measure.