The best-known recording guise of Den Haag-dweller Danny Wolfers, Legowelt is a project dedicated to “freaked deep music”: its roots are primarily in the jacking alien funk of Chicago acid house, but also the cinematic machine-soul of Detroit’s Underground Resistance, Model 500 and Drexciya, the synapse-mocking braindance of Aphex and classic Rephlex Records, the high camp of italo-disco and synth-pop. Unlike so many contemporary house and techno practitioners, Wolfers is passionate about, and adept at, capturing the rawness of the finest, fiercest 80s box jams; to listen to his music is to be transported to a different time, a different place.

Kurtis Scott / XOSAR – Uncrowned /Wolfpack
Legowelt – Danger in the Air
Somewhere in West Hell
Trackman Lafonte & Bonquiqui – Pacific House
Celestial Love Jamie Principle Your Love unreleased acid mix
California Games
Trackman Lafonte & Bonquiqui – Forever II
Occult mysteries of San Fran
Vakula – Legowelt Remix
Beautifull and Alone
Some acid stuff
Jus Ed – I’m Coming
XOSAR – Xosardonyx
Saucolito Park