Techno meets IDM in Singapore.

While you’d hesitate to give it a name, the type of techno Xhin and Stroboscopic Artefacts have been pushing of late does feel somehow removed from what’s gone before. That could be part of the reason that despite being involved in electronic music since 1997, we felt it appropriate to feature him in our Breaking Through series late last year. Even as recently as last year the Singaporean producer was releasing solid—but in no way ground-breaking—house and techno. And then this happened. While it’s unclear whether recording with a new imprint, Stroboscopic Artefacts, simply gave him a new lease of life, the Fixing The Error / Link EP just felt that much more weighty than previous material. He then followed it up with a string of equally intriguing music for SA and his former stomping ground Meerestief, which has just culminated with Sword, Xhin’s sophomore album that brings his love for classic IDM and ambient triumphantly to the fore.

The sound of Sword informs much of Xhin’s 60 minute mix for us with—as we’ve come to expect from him—some additional WTF moments thrown in for good measure.