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I’ll be closing the Origin stage at Glade this year – 17 June 2012, which I’m really looking forward to, so when they asked if I’d like to provide a podcast for the festival I jumped right on it. This podcast will be very different from my set on the day, that will include all my favourite stuff from over the years, while this set is more of a preview and demo of my recent productions. My latest Egomodal EP on Traum features heavily, along with some recent remixes of Agoria, FC Kahuna and Phil Kieran which I’ve been playing out a lot recently. I hope you enjoy it!

More info on Glade at

Hiatus – Third – Max Cooper Remix (Last Night On Earth)
Max Cooper – Autumn Haze (Traum)
Mauro Norti – You and me – Max Cooper Remix (Wide Angle)
Max Cooper – Micron (Traum)
Max Cooper – Simplexity (Traum)
Agoria – Panta Rei – Max Cooper Remix (Infine)
Max Cooper – Miocene – Super Flu Remix (Herzblut)
Hugh Pascal – Absence March – Max Cooper Remix (DSCNCTD)
Max Cooper – Miocene (Herzblut)
Max Cooper – Epitaphy (Traum)
Phil Kieran – Church Organ Nightmare – Max Cooper and Phil Kieran Remix (PKR)
Cream Sound – Sonata – Max Cooper Remix (Festival Lounge)
Max Cooper – Inhale Exhale (Veryverywrongindeed)
Max Cooper – Raw (Traum)
FC Kahuna – Hayling – Max Cooper Remix (Skint)


I found an old cd (I think from 2010) of a set I did at Fluid in Philly. Some of my fave joints on this….hip hop and downtempo…. I figured you would like it!

Enjoy and share….

King Britt


Drum & bass producer James Bainbridge, aka Bazil, has had releases on labels such as Dispatch, Ingredients, Nu Directions and Proximity, but his latest track is on Hustle Audio’s The Connected Vol 3 EP. We spoke to him about it and a whole lot more.

This week’s “Elemental Theory Artist of the Week” is C-LeGz. Seattle based producer C-LeGz infuses multiple genres to create artistic landscapes that titillate the senses and enthrall the synapses. Known for his jazzy, hip-hopish downtempo C-LeGz is sure to make your girlfriend come in her panties.

We’re proud to announce that two of Med School’s most exciting artists have gone head to head on our latest DJ Battle mix: Mutated Forms and Blu Mar Ten. Both artists have tracks on Med School’s latest compilation – ‘Blood Pressure’ – out now on Med School Music.

Med School is the sinister little sister of Hospital Records, championing exciting new artists making weird and wonderful electronic sounds. Home to forward thinking artists like Bop, Unquote and Lung, their releases ooze class and push boundaries. Blu Mar Ten and Mutated Forms are no different – as these mixes will prove. But who will deliver the knock out punch? You decide!

Blood Pressure is out now on Med School Music and is available on 2×12″ vinyl / digital download / CD. Essential.

Get your copy here:

Blu Mar Ten: Fighting Talk!

“No dubplate neurosis, no attention-deficit-mixing, just joining the dots between some good tunes from 1996 to 2012. Strictly for those who want a little more from their music than just another big drop. You know who you are.”

1 – Blu Mar Ten vs London Elektricity – Above One Second (mash-up, 2011)
2 – Physics – Dreamworld (dBridge remix) (Blindside, 2008)
3- Nasty Habits – Liquid Fingers (31 Recs, 1999)
4 – Dabs & Safire – Time Carrier (Dispatch, forthcoming)
5 – Unknown
6 – Dillinja – Silver Blade (Metalheadz, 1996)
7 – Urbandawn & Rotate – Blue Forest Grotto (unreleased, 2012)
8 – B Cloud – Going Deeper (Med School, 2012)
9 – Mutated Forms – Feels Like (Med School, 2012)
10 – Trisector – Minutes and Hours (unreleased, 2012)
11 – JDL – Blade Runner Blues (white label, 1996)
12 – Commix – Broken Man (Metalheadz, 2007)

MUTATED FORMS: Fighting talk!

“Not only have we got the tunes and the skills we’ve also got the groove – anybody who’s seen us play will know that Alex’s moves make him the best. Fast-paced beats and a heavier selection will make sure we stay where we belong – on top!”

01. Mutated Forms – Look What U Have Done
02. Royalston – Carnivore
03. Jaybee & Sinistarr – Should I Heavy1 Glitch Dub Remix
04. Spinline – Contrast
05. The Upbeats – The Proof
06. Critycal Dub And Level 2 – Somewhere
07. Adam F – Circles Andy C Mix
08. Mutated Forms – Powder Demon
09. The Upbeats – Incline
10. Raiden & Meth – Millimallikas
11. Mutated Forms – Best Served Cold
12. Vicious Circle & Fierce – Section VIP
13. DJ Vapour – The Lone Ranger
14. Sub Zero – Clash
15. June Miller – Walls Of Jericho
16. Frederic Robinson – Roadtrip
17. d:Bridge – Cornered
18. Spinline- Life
19. Mutated Forms feat. Rachel – Feels Like
20. Blackstreet feat. Dr. Dre – No Diggity
21. Goldie – Inner City Life Goes To Miami Mix

An exclusive courtesy of

1. Tunnidge ‘Universal’ (Tectonic, 2012)
2. 2562 ‘Enforcers’ (Tectonic, 2007)
3. Roska ‘Spearhead’ (Forthcoming on Tectonic)
4. Kryptic Minds ‘The Talisman’ (Tectonic, 2012)
5. Deleted Scenes ‘Reasons’ (Deleted Scenes, 2012)
6. Pinch & Roska ‘Shoulda Rolla’ (Forthcoming on Tectonic)
7. Distal ‘Amphibian’ (Tectonic, 2012)
8. Distance ‘Reboot’ (Tectonic, 2012)
9. OM Unit ‘Pressah’ (Tectonic, 2012)
10. Pinch ‘Tectonic Mix Outro’


Ektoplazm‘s downtempo imprint Omnitropic, in conjunction with Gliese 581C Records, is very proud to present A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, the momentous full-length debut of Globular (Morison Bennett), a visionary producer from Bristol, U.K. Drawing inspiration from the mind-bending sonic alchemy of Ott and Shpongle, Globular has emerged as one of the rising stars of psychedelic dub, an inimitably British fusion of brawny bass lines, dazzling melodies, intricate rhythmic programming, emotionally-charged vocals, and immersive, otherworldly atmospheres. This is an album that captures the essence of the perfect summer day while offering a rare glimpse of the ineffable, inviting you to “hold infinity in the palm of your hand, and eternity in an hour.” Through its ambitious, sprawling passages, A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy articulates a profound view of the universe’s tendency toward complexity, the twist of fate that gave rise to life and consciousness, and our morally ambiguous role in the mysterious and impenetrable cosmic drama unfolding all around us. Mastered by Colin Bennun at the Stooodio, Bristol, U.K., with artwork by Basilisk featuring Creative Commons-licensed photos by Luc Viator and public domain imagery from NASA.

01 – Feeding Back Forwards (79 BPM)
02 – A Singular Synergy (76 BPM)
03 – Subversion (80 BPM)
04 – This, Here, Now (99 BPM)
05 – The Loon (73 BPM)
06 – A Highly Sprung Spring (103 BPM)
07 – To The Other Side Of Fractal Phase Space (83 BPM)
08 – From Mind, There Spills Forth Light (70 BPM)

Accept no imitations: the originator of techno is in the hot seat.

Cybotron, Model 500, Metroplex, The Belleville Three – all words synonymous with the birth and development of techno music, and all phenomena synonymous with Juan Atkins, widely considered the techno originator and possessor of the most influential electronic music discography since Kraftwerk. Detroit’s famous for its long lineage of musical legends, and Atkins is one of the city’s all-time greatest.

Unlike some of his peers, age hasn’t dulled Atkins, as anyone who’s seen Model 500’s Kraftwerk-meets-Funkadelic live show or heard ‘Control’, Model 500’s fiery new single for R&S, will attest to. In keeping with this, his mix for FACT’s series is raw, heavy, and doesn’t once consider taking things lightly. There’s also a slight blip towards the end – we’re guessing Atkins dragged a file onto the wrong Serato deck – but its presence simply reminds you that it’s live, and that it’s real.

No tracklist at the moment, so until we have one, let’s see the spotters get spotting in the comments section. We’ll start you off: 58.50, Roman Lindau – Sub Suggestion.


For number 91 of our podcast series, we chose Efdemin. Active since 2001 in the underground scene, the peculiarity of Phillip Sollmann is the pursuit of sound that makes him one of the most sought after techno producers. Ranging from minimal sounds to sounds that are deep and dark Efdemin is one of the pillars of Berghain. Get ready for a podcast that will make you think and dream of a talent that consists of an intellectual who loves techno.