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To celebrate the album of remixes of classic Silicone Soul tracks for Soma20, the guys have put together this carefully crafted dj mix containing some of the remixes.

You can purchase these tracks individually here:

Enjoy and share!

Silicone Soul – Dogs Of Les Ilhes (Kollektiv Turmstrasse Remix)
Silicone Soul – Inferno (Sascha Dive’s Rainforest Dub)
Silicone Soul – Burning Sands (Lee Jones Remix)
Silicone Soul – Midnite Man (Tim Paris Remix)
Silicone Soul – 3am (Maetrik Jazzersize Remix)
Silicone Soul – Dust Ballad II (Ripperton’s Stay Together Dub)
Silicone Soul – Under A Werewolf Moon (Sascha Funke’s Salope Remix)
Silicone Soul – The Snakecharmer (Alex Niggemann & Marc Poppcke’s Kitchen Remix)
Silicone Soul – Right On, Right On (Hatikvah Remix)
Silicone Soul – Feeling Blue (The Spirals Acid Rock Dub)

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To promote the upcoming party at Cable club in London this Friday, GetDarker vs Drum&BassArena, we’ve got an exclusive mix from Calyx & Teebee.

We hope you enjoy this new mix we put together for our friends over at Future Astronauts. We wanted to make it available for download so you can enjoy it anywhere! Get your summer time vibe on!


Floating in space intro – Vital and Hubb
My Nu Leng – Bubba Ho Tep
XXYYXX – Never Leave
Kolendo – Dream Pod
Silkie Ft. Truth – Feel
Author- Fix
DJ Madd Feat Lady Maroo – Deeply
Eleven8 – Colours Of Distance
DFRNT – Lounge
Anex & G-A – Midnight
Way Out West – One Bright Night (Scuba’s Broken Window Dub)(Vital Edit)
Decem – Lost Wings
Comfort – Reflection
Crystal Catcha – Solitude
XXYYXX – Love Isn’t Made (ft. Steffaloo)
Synthetic Epiphany – Reckless Doubts
Ghosts – The Bus Home
Submerse – Kowai (Stumbleine Remix)

Indigo & Synkro – Mindset Records Podcast 002

This week’s “Elemental Theory Artist of the Week” is SoundShaman. On a quest to bring you the best of what electronically produced music has to offer. Residing outside the confines of genre specification allows for a full spectrum aural experience tailor made for the specific 3rd and 4th dimensional coordinates of each performance, whether the intention be sinking into the deepest parts of the mind, exploding beyond the limits of the physical body, or navigating the space between SoundShaman delivers. Here is a set of him from last weekend at the Parish in Austin opening for Love Language.

Disco queen Donna Summer has passed away from cancer at age 63. She is perhaps the most influential female vocalist of the disco movement and it’s offspring. With a hit on the top 40 every year starting in 1975 with “Love to Love You Baby” produced by the legendary Giorgio Morodeto till 1984 the diva has been one of the greatest influences to dance music of all time. She will be greatly missed, but her contributions to the dance floor will never be forgotten.

1 Session_Victim_-_Cow_Palace
2 Raiders_Of_The_Lost_Arp_-_Lunar_Lander_(original_mix)
3 Huxley_-_Box_Clever
4 The_Heels_Of_Love_-_Flight_707_(Jadoo_remix)
5 Orgue Electronique 10 Dance Of The Robins ft Alden Tyrell
6 Mobius_Strum__amp__William_Umana_-_Wish_You_Were_Not_Here__Original_Mix
7 Franck_Roger_Terence_Terry_-_Hustling_People
8 Adamski_-_I_Like_It_(Original_Mix)
9 Clap_Rules_-_Oh_Uiba_(In_Flagranti_remix)
10 Mario_Moretti_-_Danger_In_Deep_Space
11 Matthias_Zimmermann_-_George_(Coni_remix)
12 Argy_feat_Bajka_-_Upon_Ourselves_(Osunlade_Stripped_mix)
13 Hakan_Lidbo_-_Weird_Animal_Parade_(Examine_remix)
14 Alexander Robotnick – Black Garage
15 Robert_Guerrero_-_Ayahuasca_(original_mix)

Detz – February
Detz – March
Versa & Rowl – Lunar
Inkarv – I’m Falling
Submerse – It’s Over, I Lost
Detz – January
Guesswerk – If Only You Knew [Inkarv Remix]
Funk Ethics – Broken Soul Music
Kevin McPhee – Get In With You
Funk Ethics – Give
Inkarv – Days Gone By
VVV – Unknown Region
VVV – Dolven
Ptr1 – Hear Yourself
Sorrow – Sinister
RQ – Glowing Beyond
Kaiju – Belcanto
Lurka – Refresher
Versa & Biome – Neptune
Kryptic Minds – Talisman
Data – Disconnection
DCult – Inner Peace
Eleven8 – Alone
Proxima – Grunge
Cluekid – Evolution
Clubroot – Restraint
Congi – Somnium
Budeaux & Venture – Taking It Back
Akema – Forgotten Dream
Asc & Sam KDC – No Safety Zone

Ninja Tune Minimixes

Slugabed – ‘Time Team’ (Album Minimix)

Album minimix of Slugabed’s ‘Time Team’ by Solid Steel’s DK.

‘Time Team’ is available now on 2LP (including bonus green third 12″), CD and DL (including FLAC and 24bit WAV). Bonus 7″ vinyl album bundles also available.


Blockhead – ‘Interludes After Midnight’ (Album Minimix)

Album minimix of Blockhead’s ‘Interludes After Midnight’ by Solid Steel’s DK.

‘Interludes After Midnight’ is available now on 2LP, CD and download (physical including bonus 7″ offer and album bundles).