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Get ready for another deep and murky edition of the JLD podcast as Montreal’s Wally takes to the stage to delivers us the goods. No stranger to the blog or podcast, Wally is an active writer for this site, and TwerkIt.Net – a sister site focused on the juke/uk funky side of things. Amongst other things, Wally is also the creative lead behind the live dubstep band RISK which was featured recently as JLD #173 – and of course his own contribution back in the beginning with JLD #34. So get ready, turn up the bass and enjoy the ride. It’s deep but delivers hard!

Loko-Motiv – RAZOR REKTA
Forgotten Ones – LURKA
Unity – N-TYPE & SEVEN
Northern Soul – COMMODO
Program feat. LX One – DJ MADD
Cleanse – WALLY
Cyberfunk – CLUEKID
Sublife (dj Madd remix) – EPITOME
Disconnection – DATA
Too close (distance remix) – ALEX CLARK
All Alone – TRUTH
Rolling Dunes – KILLAWATT
Harmless – FARKAS
Surge (Cliffhanga remix) – MENIK
The Talisman – KRYPTIC MINDS
New Epoch – GOTH-TRAD
Aftershock – TUNNIDGE
Celestial Dub – COKI
Neptune – VERSA & BIOME
Acid Reign – PINCH & PHOTEK
Alone In The Darkness – ARTIKAL
Out on the Sidewalk – WALLY

On the second edition of Private Stock I’m visited by Thugfucker, Benoit & Sergio, and Tanner Ross. Due to the intense solar flares there were a few moments of microphone clipping but the rest is pure genius. Music by Jacques Greene, Koreless, Mount Kimbie, Foreign Fields, Sonic Youth, Chromatics, Clams Casino plus exclusive new shit from Benoit & Sergio and much more…

Claudio Porceddu aka Claudio PRC is a Sardinian-born artist currently living in Cagliari, Italy. Mostly influenced by electroacoustic music and Detroit techno trend, this abyssal techno specialist has released numerous tracks on solid labels such as Prologue, Stroboscopic Artefacts, Aconito or Elettronica Romana. Member of the impressive Prologue team comprising, among others, Cio D’Or, Abdulla Rashim, Donato Dozzy and Neel, Claudio PRC is invited to perform all over the world. Characterized by the same features that distinguish his music productions, Claudio’s DJ sets range from complex ambient to sophisticated techno.


Deadbeat – Fourth Quarter (Cala’s House) [Blkrtz]
Tacito – Lession (Giorgio Gigli Remix) [Micropunto Schallplatten]
Shifted – More Static [Mote Evolver]
Dino Sabatini – Step 3 [Sonic Groove]
Donato Dozzy – Time Out Gap [Railyard Recordings]
Iori – Spaciotemporal [Phonica White]
Deepbass – Orion (Ness Nebula Remix) [Informa Records]
Cassegrain – Hyena [Prologue Music]
Alexey Volkov – Corner [Planete Rouge]
nAX_Acid – Marília [Aconito Records]

Picture © Mauronster Photographer.

Future Astronauts are proud to present Vessels 001, our first free to download compilation. Featuring atmospheric drum & bass, dubstep, future garage and ambient music from some of the best underground producers around the globe.

With tracks from the likes of Lunova Labs, Atsuko, Shivre, Soular Order, plus many many more, Vessels 001 has turned out to be a blend of diverse music that you need to hear.

Atsuko, Stompbox & Shivre – Change
Retral & Sangam – Stand High As Your Art, Look Down Upon It
Zaika – Rain In Rome
Vital & Hubb – Live for Today
Emily Underhill – Lost In Me (Splinter’s eMotion Pictures Remix)
Lunova Labs – La Vie (ft. Olivia Lee)
Soular Order – Streetlights
Shivre – Pills
DJ Scratchin’ – Headfirst
Future Skyline – Gravity
Wolftek – Horizons
Jack The Ripper – Stardust
Dj Marshall – Elevate
Static.Noise – Fourth Dimension
Dan Guidance – Close Your Eyes

The 10th edition of the Samurai Music Official Podcast mixed by Sam KDC on the day of his vinyl only release for Samurai Horo –

No track list to be provided, please just enjoy the music.

Recorded live at Berghain. June 16, 2012.
No computer involved.

All tracks are unreleased, and live improvised.

01. Untitled
02. Untitled
03. Untitled
04. Convolution (Live edit)
05. Vessel (Live edit)
06. Shivers (Live edit)
07. Fingers (Live edit)
08. Untitled
09. Untitled
10. Haste (Live edit)

Some of the most forward thinking producers in the ethno-electronic scene embrace the music beyond borders concept on Recalibrated Vol 1, a reimagining of Desert Dwellers’ tranquility bass and groove-infused South Asian psy-chill fusion. Contributing remix artists include Kalya Scintilla, Kaminanda, Kaya Project, Amani, Drumspyder, Temple Step Project, Tarun, Blue Lunar Monkey, and Solar Lion.

Bringing the bass music vibe to the yoga space – and the yoga vibe to the bass music space – Desert Dwellers’ global sounds are the bridge between two ideas. Joining solid groove with sounds of serenity, their signature yoga dub aesthetic feels as natural after hours as it does on the yoga mat. Due in no small part to Desert Dwellers’ pioneering spirit, the very concept of yoga music has expanded dramatically.

1. New Generation (Temple Step Project & Darpan Remix)
2. Crossing the Desert (Kalya Scintilla Remix)
3. Trail of Nomads (Kaminanda Remix)
4. Bodhi Tree Dub (Amani’s Pyramid Lake Remix)
5. Moonlit Horizons (Drumspyder Remix)
6. Taking Flight (Kaya Project Remix)
7. Snake Charmer (Aditya Verma & Tarun Nayar Remix)
8. Spaces Between (Blue Lunar Monkey Remix)
9. Misty Mountain (Solar Lion Remix)

Here’s my set from a while ago at Noisia Invites @ 5 days off… I don’t remember playing it so much, didn’t realize it had been recorded, but after having a listen, I think it came out pretty well, so I figured I’d upload it…. enjoy!