Some of the most forward thinking producers in the ethno-electronic scene embrace the music beyond borders concept on Recalibrated Vol 1, a reimagining of Desert Dwellers’ tranquility bass and groove-infused South Asian psy-chill fusion. Contributing remix artists include Kalya Scintilla, Kaminanda, Kaya Project, Amani, Drumspyder, Temple Step Project, Tarun, Blue Lunar Monkey, and Solar Lion.

Bringing the bass music vibe to the yoga space – and the yoga vibe to the bass music space – Desert Dwellers’ global sounds are the bridge between two ideas. Joining solid groove with sounds of serenity, their signature yoga dub aesthetic feels as natural after hours as it does on the yoga mat. Due in no small part to Desert Dwellers’ pioneering spirit, the very concept of yoga music has expanded dramatically.

1. New Generation (Temple Step Project & Darpan Remix)
2. Crossing the Desert (Kalya Scintilla Remix)
3. Trail of Nomads (Kaminanda Remix)
4. Bodhi Tree Dub (Amani’s Pyramid Lake Remix)
5. Moonlit Horizons (Drumspyder Remix)
6. Taking Flight (Kaya Project Remix)
7. Snake Charmer (Aditya Verma & Tarun Nayar Remix)
8. Spaces Between (Blue Lunar Monkey Remix)
9. Misty Mountain (Solar Lion Remix)