This week’s “Elemental Theory Artist of the Week” is Estroe. Together with techno hotties like Anja Schneider, Mistress Barbara and Monika Kruse, Estroe belongs to a group of highly influential female DJ’s in the Dutch scene. Born in Zutphen as Esther Roozendaal in 1972, raised near Amsterdam and currently living in Rotterdam, she has been dj-ing for more than ten years.

Whether it’s behind the turntables in the famous Fuse in Brussels, the Watergate in Berlin or an underground club in Tokyo, Estroe knows how to tune in and drop the right beats. She likes to play versatile, techno infused sets with room for deep undercurrents as well as pure dancefloor work. Her style is warm, subtle but at the same time very energetic. As you’ll find out when you drop by at Klinch in the Amsterdam based club Melkweg, where Estroe has as residency. Here is her latest mix recorded for her Proton show on July 10th 2012 comprised of some of her favourite ‘oldschool’ electro tracks, enjoy!

Claro Intellecto – Peace of mind – Ai Records
Anthony Rother – Compression – Psi City
Mr Velcro Fastener – Electric Appliances – Air Recordings
Kraftwerk – Computerwelt – EMI Electrola
Anthony Rother – Moderntronic – Datapunk
Der Zyklus – Der tonimpulstest – Gigolo Records
Arpanet – Illuminated displays – Dataphysix
Anthoner Rother – Hacker – Psi City
Blackploid – Galaxy – Frustrated Funk
Dexter – Intruder – Klakson
Ready (Bas Bron & Rimer Veem) – Are you ready – Blaclabel Records Amsterdam
Sterac Electronics – Clown – Interpersonal XP