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On March 15, synthpop legends Depeche Mode played their first-ever South By Southwest show in Austin, Texas. The rare intimate club gig, which was their first proper concert since 2010 (aside from a private show they did for “Live on Letterman”), was presented by Yahoo! at new venue Brazos Hall and attended by the likes of Usher and celebrity manager Scooter Braun, and it was a major black celebration for fans who’d won coveted tickets via a SXSW lottery drawing.

If you weren’t one of the lucky 800 festivalgoers who made it into the show–or if you didn’t get down to Austin this year–here’s your chance to check out Depeche’s set, featuring a mix of classic favorites and new cuts from the band’s hotly anticipated 13th albumĀ Delta Machine, which comes out today. From the new single “Heaven” to the audience singalong of “Enjoy The Silence,” check out the Mode’s fantastic performance!


We asked Stereo:Type about the process of making this mix, and here is what he had to say:

“When you’re commissioned to make a mix for DJ Shadow, you know you have to pull something special out of the bag. Making sure it was a musical experience was as much a key part of this as making it a hype mix to listen to, considering you are working with material by a guy whose process involves finding sounds which work together as though they were made for one another. When i was approached to do this, I was asked to make the mix using material either sampled by, or remixed for or by Shadow. So Instead of making it a straight up one track into another kind of mix, I tried to approach it like a live performance, deconstructing tracks into their component parts then re-assembling and combining them with my own take on it. I certainly hope people have as much of a blast listening to it as i did making it.”


Listen to more from Stereo:Type – @stereotypemashup



A short Downtempo DJ mix from 2006

Tracklist :

Si Begg – Eurostar (Tipper Dub Mix)
Tipper – Dissolve (Phonecia Mix)
Evac – Edit
Hold Back The Night – Tipper Inst. Remix
Lusine – Everything Under The Sun
Tipper – L.E.D. Down (Tipper’s Serc Mix)
Tipper – Tiphop
Crunch – Emedril
Mr. Projectile – Sinking
Tipper – Whomi
Crunch – Gramma
Crunch – Cassette

I know this video is from last May but I had the pleasure of seeing them recently with Tipper and would highly recommend seeing them if you get the chance!

Podcast #12 comes from a long time supporter of Sun And Bass and one of Hungary’s biggest drum and bass exports, Chris.SU.

Known and respected for his use of melody and texture as well as his upfront production and huge sound, this mix is a good representation of that, taking in old, new, tech and musical tracks – and also some Sun And Bass anthems for good measure.

Spring is springing here, this mix will get you in the mood, even if it’s grey where you are!

01. Nu:Logic – Morning Light – Hospital
02. Chris.SU – Solaris VIP – Subtitles
03. LSB feat. Sian Anderson – Overthinking (Enei Remix) – Spearhead
04. Chris.SU – Promises – Sunandbass
05. Break – Love So True VIP – Symmetry
06. NAS – The Don – D&B Instrumental Remix – bootleg
07. Digital & Spirit – Phantom Force (Fracture’s Astraphonica Remix) – Phantom Audio
08. Xtrah – Soundclash VIP – Critical
09. Ivy Lab – Brat – Critical
10. Hyroglifics – Soundboy – Proximity
11. Incognito – Shuffle The Deck – SOM Music
12. 7th Sense & Nue – Purple Space Ghost (Chris.SU Remix) – Soul & Ice
13. DRS feat. Enei – Count To Ten – Soul:R
— Alex Reece – Pulp Fiction (Lynx Remix) – Razor’s Edge
14. Zero T feat. Stamina – Rainha – Dispatch
15. Bungle – Astral Travel – Soul:R
16. Klute – I:Minder – 31 Records
17. Total Science feat. Riya – Cold Blood – CIA
18. Chris.SU & SKC – What’s Happening? – Hospital
19. Chris.SU & Nymfo – Repression – Sunandbass
20. S.P.Y – By Your Side – Spearhead

Kill The Noize Goat Ver

wj AxeGumator – Whomp Elite

1 FractalDragon – Bicicle day
2 SUBSQWAD – Pheromone Station
4 Spundose – Mauvaise Foi
5 Birds Of Paradise – Urge To Purge
6 SUBSQWAD – Dust & Illusions
7 Spundose – Monkey Business
8 Tha Fruitbat – Rawk Bellz (Heavenly Father Remix)
9 Hypnagog – Peeling Back the Layers
10 HEAVENLY FATHER – Bottleneck
11 DigitalFolk – Follow The Shaman
12 Kalya Scintilla – Infinitely Being
13 Kalya Scintilla – Break Belief Bounce (Desert Dwellers Remix)
14 Kalya Scintilla – Dance The Spiral (Kaminanda Remix)
15 Electrocado – Californicado
16 Ryanosaurus – Mistakes Of The Past
17 Amygdala – Ridden By The Loa
18 Fine Cut Bodies – Biomorph
19 Shamanoid – Lotus Yogi (Intro)
20 Dusty Fungus – Bowed Mantle
21 Soluble Sounds – Little Ditty
22 Kaminanda – The Great Alignment
23 Crazy Fingers – The Vibratory Waves of External Unity
24 Kromagon – Salami Step
25 Oyster Brigade – On The Halfshell
26 Shwex & Mumukshu – Elements Of Antiquity (Whitebear Remix)
27 White Bear – Lost In Vibrations (Olux Remix)
28 Desert Dwellers – Bodhi Tree Dub (Amani’s Pyramid Lake Remix)
29 Govinda – Another Night Gone
30 Cualli – Butoh
31 Sun In Aquarius -Biomorph
32 Tree Bone – Through the Shadow
33 (((shwex))) – Science of the Unknown
34 Kalya Scintilla – Open Channel