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Presha // Beatport Live session from Berlin, Germany 17.05.13 – Full 2 hour set available here – This is the first half of the set. There was problems with the recording but we managed to salvage this section for your listening & downloading pleasure.


The Offworld show with LM1 20th May 2013 Bassdrive archive (occasional time markers are used as a guide for you)

Part Affair – Traveller [SONREC012]
Blok One – Fractures [Monochrome dub]
Tokalosh – Stellar debris [LQT020]
Eschaton – Lunar (Madcap remix) (Sound & Space Vol 2) (Omni music) (12.00)
Mindgear – Tepture (bftp rmx) (Free Dl)
Aural imbalance – Room 2 Breathe (Legacy album) (Cadence)(20.00)
Tidal – Transcendental Meditation [Part 1] (Cosmic Origins dub)
Alaska & Robert Manos – Zeal (27.06)
Eschaton – Nadir (LM1 remix) (Omni music dub)
DJ Trax and Enjoy – A Fresh Beginning (New Beginnings EP) (Omni Music)
Eschaton – Imaginary Skies (Nemanoe Remix)(Sound & Space Vol 1) (Omni Music) (38.39)
Eschaton – Imaginary Skies (Voyager Foil Hat Remix) (Sound & Space Vol 2) (Omni music) (45.12)
Atmodisiac – Blue (Rotation deep dub)
Thesis – Crystal visions (out now)
Shrust – Cocoon (Offworld Transmissions vol 3) (56.57)
Thesis – Reawakened [SDRRLS70]
Mage – Nothing To Say [Influenza Media UK]
Dan Guidance – Its What You Make Of It [KINC057] (1:08:00)
Disept-Fake (Mind technologies Vol 3)[Mindtech Recordings]
Bcee – Our time (Spearhead) (1:15:24)
FreeBird_feat Albert Tempel – No place for me (dub)
Furney – brooklyn 1977 (SDRVNYL001)
Actraiser – Away from me (dub)
Seathasky & Silence Groove – Together (dub) (1:28:30)
Msdos – Global amen (Offworld Transmissions vol 3)
Msdos – Abydos (Liquid drops)
Mage – Journey [Celsius CLS049] (1:38:21)
Nelver – White clouds (FKZLTD031)
Brian.Brainstorm -Red.Dust [RTD004] (1:45:29)
InnaSelf – Green Room (Soul deep recordings)
George William Harrold-The Look in Her Eyes (Soul deep recordings)
Humanature – Introspection (Soul deep recordings) (1:49:58)
Pennygiles – Love Comes Running (DOWNTIME002 A)
Tango & Lighterman – All Fall down (dub) (1:56:40)
Antibreak – Firebreather (Offworld dub)

Sorrow – I Know Everything
Sorrow – Rapture
Sorrow – 1988
Sorrow – Lies & Confessions
Sorrow – Lover’s Charm
Sorrow – Light At The End Of The Tunnel
Sorrow – Lorena
Sorrow – Mourner
Sorrow Ft. CoMa – Dalliance
Sorrow & Owsey – Once Chance With Her, Two With Mistakes
Sorrow – Escapade’s of Kami and Dyna
Sorrow – Lubilu
Sorrow Ft. CoMa – Dreamstone
Stumbleine – Ember (Sorrow Remix)
Sorrow – Through The Night
Sorrow – Sinister
Sorrow – Sleepless Nights
Sorrow – Paramount
Sorrow – Witchcraft
Sorrow – Flowerchild
Sorrow – 21.12.2012
Submerse Ft. Sorrow – Dim Lights and Meteorites
Sorrow Ft. Shura – 1+1
Sorrow – Moodswing

This week’s “Elemental Theory Artist of the Week” is DJ, producer and vocalist from Kiev, Lola Palmer . All her creations have been touched by the perfect taste. This elegant girl’s music features ultimate concentration of sensuality and love. Her lyrics and voice – endless gentleness and warmth. Here is a taste of her from her “White Deepness” mix series.

Made in promotion of Boo Williams playing Room Three on 25th May.

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In this podcast I featured tracks that were of influence on my sound and career. All of these tracks somehow led me to where I’m currently at as an artist. They inspired me and let me discover new sounds and genre’s, allowing me to eventually move closer to Minus. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did again when putting together this podcast!

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Klute steps up for podcast #14 – and we’re glad he did!

Full of old and new Commercial Suicide goodies, the label Klute has been running since 2001 – and also encompassing a wide range of styles, this mix is a good example of why he has become one of the essential artists at Sun And Bass.



Invaderz & DJ Marky – After Midnight – Commercial Suicide
Nymfo – Trackball – Innerground
Chroma – Intermission – C.I.A.
Quadrant & Iris & Kid Hops – Hovercraf –
NFM – Heron Blue – ?????
Vicious Circle – Last Chance Saloon V.I.P. – Commercial Suicide
Calibre – Close to Me – Signature
Klute – Just What You’re Feeling – Commercial Suicide
Ulterior Motive – Time Keeper – Subtitles
Emperor – Radar –
Nymfo – Woodpecker – Innerground
Klute – Sick Drive – Commercial Suicide
Quadrant & Iris – Depth Sounder –
Prolix & Klute – Time Bleeds Truth –
John Dahlback – Next to the Speakers (Seba remix)
Klute – Best Bits Not Over – Commercial Suicide
Unknown – Untitled –
The Upbeats & Dose – Tangerine –