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Rooted at the Bridge between the worlds, The Sacred Willow, Sophia silently sends vibrations of Love and Goddess Nature into this world and the world beyond. Glowing from the Heart Space, fear is Replaced with Grace.


Opening DJ set for Fischerspooner in Austin, 2003. I wanted to play some of the real electro, italodisco, booty, freestyle, etc. that was borrowed / stolen from when “electro-clash” became the next-big-thing.

The crowd of 2000+ was completely silent during my set, until the very end when cheers erupted as Fischerspooner took the stage. 😉

The Bloom Series Culture Spotlight present:

Vessels of the Divine :: Spotlight on Visionary Art



***free download***
The Blue Flowers (Between Blue and Blue)
54 Madlib Beats Mixed by Larry Gus

The Project

Aloha fellow spirits! Continuing to grow and expand upwards from the release of “Crystal Consciousnesss” on 11.11.11 and “Treemixes V1” on 12.12.12, my new collaborative album, “Cirrus Sapiens”, will be released independently later this year digitally, on CD, and on custom USB drives (including limited edition wire-wrap crystal pendants). To accompany this new release, a new website is also being developed, along with several music videos, stickers, cards, posters and extras. We’ll be involving a lot of producers and other musicians in this process, so I want to make sure they receive any and all assistance they need as well, along with paying for professional mastering time in a amazing studio amongst the forests of New Hampshire.

After more than 10 years of producing music almost entirely for free, this is by far the most expansive Skytree project yet, and I’m super stoked to make it happen!

But, I need your help to do it! To help make this manifest, you can contribute here using a broad range of donation levels, and receive an abundance of rewards and co-creations when the project is completed. I am immensely grateful for any and all help I can receive in this process.

If you don’t have funds to spare, no worries! You can help a great deal just by sharing and spreading the word. Check out Indiegogo’s share tools or connect it up via Facebook, Twitter – whatever works best for you! Sharing the video would be extra rad:–Uag

The Yggdrasil EP

With 59 hours now remaining on the campaign, I’ve decided to include an exclusive download to everyone that contributes at any level, including all of you wonderful spirits that have already. The “Yggdrasil EP” consists of material from my very first project under the Skytree name, made many years ago and unheard until now. I am super blessed to see it finally have incredible artwork after all of this time! It will be available within a month or so and sent directly to your inboxes!

The TreeDrive

This laser-engraved bamboo, 8 GB USB drive will include my full discography (including the new album), an EP of unreleased vintage material, HD music videos and photos, Ableton project files, a sample library of my personal field recordings and custom instruments and effect racks. There will also be super-limited wire-wrap crystal pendant drives, wearable and festival-ready, to share the vibes with anyone anywhere.

The Lid

For the top 20 co-creators of this project, I wanted to offer something extra special, in addition to all of the other amazingness. So, I again teamed up with Grassroots California and my friend and incredibly talented visionary artist, Sam Farrand, to create a new collaboration flat-brim cap. It echoes and evolves the themes and vibe present in our first collab, one of the best-selling GRC creations to date.

Mirroring the six platonic solids of the first cap, the six lower chakras line the outside panels, accompanied by tessellating platonic patterns and a rainbow of sanskrit. The crown chakra holds down the lining, merging into the One in Many.

Click here for hi-res:

Grassroots California:

The Art of Sam Farrand:

The Numbers

We are only asking for partial help with this project. I am trusting that the Universe will provide the rest! Here’s how the numbers break down:

Our overall goal: $8,888

The overall estimated project cost: $12,467

1500 eco-friendly 6-panel CDs: $1935

1672 round stickers: $332

150 eco-friendly posters: $300

1000 eco-friendly cards: $250

Studio/mastering time and production costs: $2,500

200 custom laser-engraved banboo USB drives: $2400

35 wire-wrap laser-engraved USB drives: $1500

Music video production: $1500

Website rebuild: $2000

All of this will take a ton of work, but it’s what I love to do more than anything! I will be sure to post regular updates to keep you appraised on our progress! I immensely, deeply appreciate your time and consideration, and wish you all a beautiful, extra-blessed path forward on this Earth.

Namaste. ॐ
– Evan, aka Skytree

— Endless thanks to Hayley Carloni ( for producing the video and Kyle Rober ( for shooting a prolific amount of footage! —

Live from the Co-Dome @ Sonic Bloom Festival 6.16.13. Special Thanks and Big Love to Jamie Janover and the entire Sonic Bloom Family,, Elevated Arts & Entertainment, and everyONE for co-creating such a beautiful gathering.

1. Elevated
2. Moldavisions
3. Timewalker
4. Briggadub
5. Skytree – To Illumination (Soulacybin ReAlignment)
6. Desert Dwellers – Kumbha Mela (Soulacybin Remix)
7. Hearts Open
8. Mycophagous
9. Synchromystic
10. Alien Life
11. The Human Experience – More Than We Know (Soulacybin Remix)

If you resonate with this audio offering, please share, repost, blog, and spread the music in any way possible!

TRACKLIST – All tracks by Drumspyder and unreleased except where noted.

0:00 Mountain Drums
7:06 Caduceus (Mycelium)
12:10 Fornax
18:18 Desert Dwellers – Shiva Nataraj (Drumspyder Remix) (Desert Trax)
26:00 Subterranea
32:44 Daughters of the Sun (Drumspyder)
38:29 Bayati Violet Dub (forthcoming on Phantasm UK)
43:27 Desert Dwellers – Bodhi Mandala (Drumspyder Remix) (White Swan)
50:43 Bogazichi
53:07 Afro Q Ben – Dream the Impossible (Drumspyder Remix)

Hey guys been asked to do a little promo mix for Elixir of Life in London on the 16th of March at the Coronet. Line up is sick guys and one not to miss, Beats Antique, Bird of Prey, Gaudi, Promoetheus, Kursa, Slackbaba and so much more!! Event link here:

I’ve chucked in some new and old choons in the mix and some of the collabs I’ve been working on during my time in Australia, hope you guys enjoy!

Heading out to America this year from early April though to the end of June, if you would like to book me for a show please get in touch, my contact is:

Love, light and all the other hippy stuff!!


Mouldy Mustard – (?? Track 3) Mustard Tiger and Mouldy Soul collaboration
Mouldy Soul – Dragon Crunk
Mouldy Soul – Pling Pong
Mouldy Mustard – (?? Track one)
Mouldy Soul – Feeding Time
Shimi Sonic – Supernova (Mouldy Soul remix)
Mouldy Soul – Wine and Shine
Mouldy Soul and Tristan Boyle – Steppin on Giants (John Coltrane – Giant Steps Glitch Rip off)