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Erothyme (Bobby West) is the result of Al Hofmann himself, genetically modifying the DNA of Stevie Wonder and Poseidon, God of the Sea. It’s been almost five years since our first Erothyme sighting and he’s done nothing but improve and impress since. With heavy influences from supernovas such as Squarepusher and Aphex Twin, Erothyme’s more melodic approach makes for a more accessible IDM. His sound immediately feels like someone glitched you into a bass church and fed you a couple drops of the real stuff. One hand in the air as if to ward off the evil spirits, Bobby’s other hand tickles the keys of the classic microKorg keyboard. If you’re the sunrise type, chances are you’ll be hearing Erothyme trickle through the treetops at this summers festivals, all throughout the land!


00:00 – Dusk Precipice (feat. Kyrstyn Pixton)
05:45 – Crossing Staars (feat. Emma Staarbird)
10:22 – Moonlight through Bare Branches (feat. Madelion Moondrop)
14:27 – Full Woodshed Beats
20:20 – Concordant Grains
23:51 – I You We
28:19 – Gratuitous Grace III (As the Bird Flies)
32:16 – Finer Things
36:34 – Transients
42:05 – Thousand Hands of God (feat. Entheo)
47:57 – Something Has Changed


As the dust settles around the thundering year that was 2013, it seems like a good time to welcome Paul Woolford into our exclusive mix series.

The last year has seen the 38 year old embark on something of a renaissance period. Under his own name, he released ‘Untitled’, the piano house banger that dropped on Scuba’s Hotflush imprint and made it to number two in our annual end of year tune chart. You’ll have heard its twinkling keys drift across the whole of the summer after its release in July, a proper feel-good jam that epitomises the spirit of the current house music boom.

But you’ll have also heard Woolford operating under a different alias too. Special Request is the moniker he created in order to put out 12″ singles dedicated to warehouse rave music; tough, bouldering constructions powered by low end frequencies and shot through with raw breakbeats or juggernaut kick drums. Signed to London club Fabric’s in-house Houndstooth label, the debut Special Request album, ‘Soul Music’, collected all of the cult releases and the results were astonishingly impactful. Again, Woolford scored highly in end of year lists.

As 2014 starts to come into focus, he’s got the kind of attention he earned when his breakout tune, ‘Erotic Discourse’, took over dancefloors worldwide in 2006. Since then he’s released on 20:20 Vision, Cocoon, Planet E and NRK, carving his own niche in house and techno and racking up gigs across the globe in the process. If you went out to the White Isle last season, you’ll have seen him dominating Space while every clubnight promoter wants to book him to lay it down in their respective city.

A true mainstay who can prove himself time and time again, Paul Woolford steps up to deliver an exclusive mix for our In Session series. Expect strobelit house and acidic techno as this one goes from light to dark in just under an hour. And that’s just how we like it.

Paul Woolford plays Bugged Out Weekender in Southport on March 7-9. For full details, the mammoth line-up and tickets, click here

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A deep rumble has emerged from within the Bamboo Bass Jungle. The sound? Calgary based bass music producer and panda bear extraordinaire, Jordy Grant. Whether he’s hard at work in the lab creating new tunes, at Western Canada’s biggest parties with PK Sound, or hosting The Supreme Hustle Podcast, you can count on your friendly neighborhood Panda to bring you the finest in Bass Music.

Sedge Warbler – Octopus Lover (Shamanic Technology Remix)
Shamanic Technology – Neurowolf
Ordure & EQlizion – HyperCube
Digital & Strikez- Panic
Flatmate Saurus- Disprove remix
Skope – Roll Em
Tipper – Higgins (into)
Shamanic Technology – Luminoisty
Sedge Warbler – Sedge Water (feat Buck Rogers)
Vent – Jump (Skope Remix)
Reso – The Rugged
Joe Ford – Bring the bass
Skope – Chrome Splat
Disprove – Rustic Funk
Shamanic Technology – Kaiju
Kursa & Duskky – Robotto Rankou
Culprate – Vice
Kursa – Enchiridion
Noisia & Black Sun Empire – Hideous (Protostar Rmx)
Planet online (Culprate Rmx)
Skope – Neon gangster
KOAN Sound – Tetsuo’s Redemption

A dub’n’bass jam mixed by Naasko.

Featuring tunes by Flatliners, Thing, Morphy, Radikal Guru, Calibre, The Untouchables, Dubmonger and Theory. All tracks used with thanks and maximum respect!

Released on the Winter Solstice of 2013, celebrate the return of the light with this live set from Sonic Blossom. Recorded direct from the soundboard on 10/11/13, and remixed and remastered exclusively for Destination Burning and Sacred This mix also contains a brand new exclusive preview track from the upcoming album, “Cirrus Sapiens”. Full track listing is below.

This mix was is accompanied by an in-depth interview with inspirations, intentions, techniques and future plans at and

“Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.”
~ Edgar Allan Poe

Track listing:
0:00 – Intro
0:34 – Crazy Fingers’ Earth Sing remix
1:42 – Biolumigen’s Earth Sing remix
5:23 – Skytree’s Anthony Ayahuasca remix (original by Space Jesus)
9:49 – eelko’s Night Heron remix
12:32 – sAuce’s See-Through Time remix
15:05 – SkyCell, new collaboration w/Lunecell
17:20 – Space Jesus’ Quartz Resonance remix
22:01 – Skytree’s Clay Feet Long Road remix (original by Erothyme)
25:42 – Skytree’s Sweet Antler Anthem remix (originals by lespecial)
27:56 – Skytree’s Acrocinus remix (original by Calicoleaf)
31:29 – Mana Machine, collaboration w/Technicolor Lenses and Erothyme
34:37 – See-Through Space
38:10 – Skytree’s The Sky remix (original by Something Fiction)
41:55 – Outro